Question what are some advantages and disadvantages about star, ring, and bus  topologies? Answer  In answer to your question regarding Network Topologies I hope the following  helps. Bus Topology  Advantages - Simple to implement, all machines are 'daisy chained' which makes  wiring as easy as stringing coax cable from one computer to the next and so on. Disadvantages - Not very versatile when machines have to be moved, as rewiring part of the network is  necessary. Not very fault tolerant, on some systems (10Base2) if one part of the bus is disconnected  the whole segment of the network goes down. Not suitable for voice.  Ring Topology  Advantages - Fairly simple to wire. Quite fault tolerant, with a Token Ring network if the main ring is  disconnected anywhere, the ring uses a loop back system to maintain ring integrity. Disadvantages - It is only really used with Token Ring networks these days and it uses Type 1 cable,  this is very bulky and is not really suitable for running voice. Again, moves and additions mean rewiring  and re-routing cables. Star Topology  Advantages - These days most buildings are cabled using a star topology with Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable.  This gives the network a centralized wiring point which makes connecting and disconnecting machines  as simple as plugging and unplugging an RJ45 connector in to a hub or switch (Ethernet, Token Ring  and any other type of network or service that is  required). It can also be used for voice, data, video and any  low voltage application.  Disadvantages - Requires a centralized wiring point,  which can be just a cabinet on the wall for small  installations, or a dedicated air conditioned room  with racks and cabinets in large office  accommodation. On large installations the sheer  bulk of cable coming back to the wiring closet can be  difficult to control and keep tidy.
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