Question Hi, regarding a network installation here in Malaysia, nearly all installation are  LAN and WAN architecture and they widely use the 10/100 Mbps ethernet  adapter. Since the emergence of Data Storage Network, Network Attached  Storage, VoIP and many more types of network offered by different network  vendors, could there be other types of networks that are implemented now, which  look to have a better potential in the future. It seems that the transferring rate has  always been the issue here. What type of network installation at this present moment is in high demand? I am waiting for your reply, for this could help me a lot with my proposals.  Thanks Answer  For campus size installations the main concern will be available bandwidth between the different  buildings and the servers or storage devices. If the distances are under about 220m then a standard  50/125 fibre will easily accommodate Gigabit Ethernet, more than this distance would require the added expense of single mode fibres. It would probably be a good idea to install single mode 'Dark Fibres'  (fibres that are not terminated) alongside the multi modes anyway, this will future proof the installation  to a certain extent without adding too much to the costs. Talk of 'Terabit Ethernet' has started to filter  through, but this will have to be over single mode fibres using laser technology, if you already have the  fibres in place ready to be terminated, then that is as much as you can do at this time. The copper cabling should be at least Cat 6, and should be tested to ensure that it fully complies with  the relevant standards. I think a major issue in years to come will be the quality of the installation, as we try to squeeze more  and more bandwidth out of existing cabling systems, then bad workmanship will start to show up.  Make sure the cable routes have plenty of space  and the cabinets are not congested. The planning at  this stage and the installation of the copper cabling  itself should not be taken lightly. With a WAN, you are very much at the mercy of the  telecoms company, and can only implement what  they have to offer, in any wide area network this is  always going to be the 'bottleneck' of the network. I hope this helps with your proposal.
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What type of network installation?